Monday, January 17, 2011

Transition Planning and My Family

For many families the transition of adult children moving out of their home and into their own apartments is an easy one.  But for families with children with a variety of disabilities it can be a minefield filled with the potential for a disasters. This blog is to encourage families to pursue independent living for their children with either intellectual, mental or physical disabilities.  It also tells the story of how our family handled our daughter moving out on her own and the important people who helped make her transition from our home to her own apartment possible. 

Please feel free to leave comments about any post with ideas and experiences from your own family.  We'll explore different living options for adults with a variety of needs since obviously what works for one individual won't be a good fit for another. 

As options evolve I hope to explore them and provide you with information so you can get more information from the appropriate sources in your own community. 

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