Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Section Eight Housing -- Sign Up Before Your Son or Daughter is Ready to Move

Due to the scant resources currently available for Section 8 housing it is critical for your son or daughter to get on the list for these resources as soon as possible.  This means that when housing opens up they will already be in the system.  Talk to one of the professionals at Residential Living Options about navigating the maze of the Housing Authority.  They can offer you ideas for future planning.  You can apply for a voucher online or by requesting an application.  Delaware County offers you help navigating your way through the government legalese.  Work with the Arc of Delaware County, the MHMR (Mental Health Mental Retardation) office and your son or daughter's transition planner at their high school. 

Getting a voucher is only half the battle.  Then it's time to find an apartment.  Take the time to network before your son or daughter gets a voucher with local landlords.  We were very fortunate in finding a landlord on our own who had never worked with the Housing Authority but who was more than willing to make the effort.  Letting landlords get to know you before you actually need housing can be critical to finding an apartment that will be a good long term fit for your son or daughter. 

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