Sunday, February 6, 2011

Accessible Sudoku or Sudo-San by

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Finally an audio version of sudoku, the popular numbers game that has become the addiction of gamers worldwide.  The audio version is blind friendly and doesn't use Braille or some types of pegs or wires.  Yes it's an accessible computer game version of Sudoku called Sudo-San.  Sudo-San is based on Sudoku, a puzzle said to have been originated by a blind Swiss mathematician in the 18th century.  Sudo-San is free and the commands are easy.  There are plenty of sounds to please any game user. Find out more at  Perfect for both those with sight and without.  Grandparents can enjoy this as much as the kids.  
Sudoku became popular worldwide in 2005 and is frequently referred to as the "Rubik's cube of the 21st century."  Sudo-San is the accessible version and better yet, it's FREE! Just enter numbers 1-9 in each cell of a 9x9 grid, the trick? each row, column and region can contain just one instance of each numeral.  Can you say 'brain strain?'  It's said the trick to completing the puzzle is patience and logical ability. 

The foundation of Sudoku was established by an 18th century blind mathematician, Leonhard Euler, who lost his sight in early middle age. It was only after Euler lost his sight that he developed his famous Latin or 'magic' squares (and Latin square puzzles for that matter) that Sudoku is based on.

So head over to and try it out.