Monday, August 20, 2012

Meal Organizer Tutorial

The folks over at Young and Crafty developed a tutorial for a meal planning organizer to help organize your shopping so you only shop once a week and you have your recipes all ready to go!

Thought this would be a great idea for anyone moving out on their own who is a rookie at meal planning.

It uses 8 decorative clothes pins and scrapbook paper. To see the tutorial, visit Young and Crafty. 

It makes a fun craft project to do with staff and it's also a practical way to get your meal planning organized.

You might want to use the computer to type out your recipe cards if your handwriting isn't the best. See, you wondered how your mom kept all that stuff straight! I bet her recipe box wasn't as pretty as this!

So have fun, enjoy crafting and enjoy the final product. (Oh, and invite me to dinner when it's finished so I can see the final product!)

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