Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy Dinners! Make Ahead And Freeze Some

Courtesy of YouTube and Betty Crocker and Bisquick

So you have a tough time cooking every night but want to stock your freezer so weeknights you can just heat and eat? Try these Bisquick Impossibly Easy Mini Pies.

The recipe from the geniuses at Betty Crocker and Bisquick have figured out how you can make 12 mini pies ahead of time and then just toss them in the freezer until you are ready to eat them.  This isn't the only recipe, in fact these mini pies are only limited by your imagination. I added the video so you could 'see' how to make them, not just read about them.  So head to the kitchen, if you don't have the ingredients now, head to the store.

Readers have recommended using no stick muffin tins available from Walmart at approximately $4.99 each to avoid any sticking problems. If you like these as much as my kids did you'll be getting a lot of use out of that new muffin tin!

Just add a side salad or veggies and you are good to go! Make kid friendly pies or try more exotic pies for the adventurous eaters in your family. Let me know how you liked them! And keep your eyes peeled for coupons for the Bisquick, the Worcestershire Sauce and the grated cheese.

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