Friday, January 13, 2012

Everyday Lives Committee Meeting Announcements

Are you a member of the Everyday Lives Committee? Everyday Lives is a Committee made up of parents, consumers and community representatives who have a vested interest in being sure individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities lives lives of self-determination. 

Although the committee usually meets mid-month to discuss topics of interest to these individuals there is no regular meeting in January.

The next meeting will be a business meeting to discuss the upcoming year.  It will be held on February 15 at noon until 2 PM.  Bring your ideas and willingness to work.

If your son or daughter is one of the members of the community who uses community provided services for the intellectually disabled come and bring them along.  This committee isn't just about parents, it's about anyone who uses or needs state, city, county or community services.

Self determination is an important aspect of adulthood for differently able individuals.  Learning to navigate the system is critical.  Knowing the players in the game can help them when they need assistance. 

Not every meeting is for every member, just come and take part in the future of your child with different abilities or your own future.  Your input is what makes this committee work for you.

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