Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mad Mex says "There Really Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch!"

Free lunch you say? A FREE lunch? REALLY? Yes, Mad Mex, that wild and crazy restaurant you used to have to drive to the city to eat in, is coming to Willow Grove! And they're offering YOU a chance to enjoy a free lunch or dinner on them opening day November 8. 

Mad Mex Willow Grove is having a facebook giveaway--EXCLUSIVE to their facebook page! So if you're ready to feed your face, (where else? At Mad Mex Willow Grove!) on Tuesday, November 8 you can have a lunch or dinner on the house!(Not to mention a complimentary margarita (Oh please give me mango!) or Dos Equis for you macho types! Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Obviously they were wrong! 

How can you (and up to a party of 4 score an invite to this 'FREE LUNCH (or dinner)?' Just visit Mad Mex's Facebook page wall here:  Then follow their directions! I love scoring free food! Add one of MM's incredible margaritas ... ah!!!!!!!!!!!! Nirvana!

Never visited a Mad Mex before you say? Heresy!  Wondering How 'Mad' 'Mad Mex is?' Mad Mex is wildly insane! The decor alone will convince you of that! This place serves funky fresh Cal Mex with their signature Big Azz Margaritas that are to die for!  Anyone who ever visited one of Mad Mex's other locations knows just what I'm talking about! Mad Mex's burritos don't necessarily have traditional burrito fillings.  Oh no, Mad Mex you see is just a little....MAD! 

This month Mad Mex is mad about turkey, so they've got a Gobblerito for your delectation!  Now is a perfect time to sample their Gobblerito.  A Thanksgiving Burrito...filled with all the goodies that you usually don't get until Thanksgiving! For a limited time you can get one of these huge burritos stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and gravy! Not your usual burrito!  With a side of, what else? Cranberry sauce! Try it now, it's only available until the end of November. 

Now that Mad Mex is coming to Willow Grove if you live in suburban Philadelphia you no longer have to haul into 34th Street to their restaurant there. (I thank you, my car thanks you!) You can just drive down the street to enjoy Mex to the Max!

If you're wheelchair bound or have a tough time getting around the new location is perfect! No more fighting the parking in Center City Philadelphia! And if you're on a budget and usually can't afford to eat out this is a perfect time to try a new restaurant without breaking the bank.  I think you'll find Mad Mex is a great place to go out for dinner or lunch that WILL fit your budget. 

Just because you're living on a budget doesn't mean you can't enjoy a night out with family, friends or staff.  And this opening day/night is a perfect time to take some friends along and introduce them to the madness that is Mad Mex!

Come for lunch and you'll find me and my husband sampling all Mad Mex has to offer in their newest restaurant.   And enjoying our 'free lunch!' 

**The author will be compensated for writing about their opinion of Mad Mex by receiving the aforementioned 'free lunch/dinner'. All opinions are the authors' own and are an honest appraisal of the product or location or deal available.


  1. No problem, love sharing free things! Looking forward to lunch tomorrow---yum!