Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Book To Read

The “Tail” of Rugby Jones is a book for anyone facing a challenge in their life.

What is The "Tail" of Rugby Jones? When an uncommon dog has a determined owner, and they share the belief in possibility, anything is possible.

The "Tail" of Rugby Jones is the story of a dog who had it all.  He lived on a horse farm in Pennsylvania.  He was the 'top dog' who kept all the other dogs and cats in line.  He helped his owner with the horses.  Yes, Rugby Jones lived like a Top Dog.  Then one day another dog attacked him and Rugby Jones was paralyzed, his lower back a disaster area.  His owner was advised to put him out of his misery.  She refused.  She knew Rugby Jones had the courage and the strength of will to overcome the obstacles in his path.  Claudia just knew she and Rugby would find a way to get Rugby Jones walking again. 

The book is written in Rugby's cocky six year old voice.  The story is one whose message will resonate with adults and children alike. What does this book reinforce?

- hope in a hopeless circumstance
- courage to be different in a “let’s be alike” world
- determination to take the “dis” out of disability
- unexpected trust that comes from unconditional love

Rugby teaches us all that life is what we make it.  It's about what you can do, not about disability.  He shows readers by example how to live life to the fullest and never give up.  A great message.  A great book.  Available on or your local bookstore.

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