Monday, September 5, 2011

Dial for Dollars--Welfare etc. Helpful Phone Numbers (For Pennsylvania Residents)

As a resident of Pennsylvania I thought I'd provide my readers with some important phone numbers that can assist you if you are disabled or are a caregiver of a child/or adult who is.  Phone numbers courtesy of the state of Pennsylvania DPW link.  If you live in a different state, check your state web site for a list of helpful numbers. 

Service Phone Number
Autism Services 1-866-539-7689
Benefits Helpline (Cash Assistance, SNAP, MA etc.) 1-800-692-7462
ChildLine (State Child Abuse Registry) 1-800-932-0313
Children's Health Helpline 1-800-986-KIDS
Disability Services 1-866-286-3636
Governor's Office 1-717-787-2500
Estate Recovery Program 1-800-528-3708
Personnel Information 1-717-787-5025
Secretary of Public Welfare 1-717-787-2600
Welfare Fraud TipLine 1-800-932-0582

One thing I'd like to remind all families of is it's always worth checking to see if you are eligible for programs you never thought you would be.  Many years after my children were young we found out we'd have been eligible for assistance when they were younger--we just didn't know it, so struggled along.  Being too proud to ask for assistance, or simply not knowing about eligibility, especially when your children need it, makes no sense (and no cents!).  I just wish I'd known!

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