Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All Moms Deserve Time To Unwind

Are you a mom of a special needs child? Grown Thru Play is having a night out just for you! 

What is Grow Thru Play? Grow Thru Play is a pediatric therapy practice which focuses on play as a child’s main occupation. According to their web site they "provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, group classes, and educational seminars."  They also "offer comprehensive evaluation and use current research to guide individual and group treatment plans. Grow Thru Play, LLC is a place where children of all abilities can play, learn, and grow."

One reason I'm focusing on Grow Thru Play is because they not only offer creative therapy that you can read about on their web site but they also are having "A Special Moms' Night Out."  While I'll focus on the importance of Early Intervention for children in a later post, the importance of a network for moms (or for dads) is of nearly equal importance.  There is a certain isolation many moms with 'special needs' children go through that a night like this addresses and makes a huge difference in a woman's ability to provide quality parenting.  Face it, being part of a group and having other women to talk to who are going through similar experiences is invaluable.  I wish I'd found this sooner since the event is on August 4th.  Hopefully some of you will be able to make it and it won't be the only event like this they have for parents.  Don't forget to RSVP!

”A Special Moms’ Night Out”
When: Thursday, August 4th from 7:30pm-9:30pm
Why: All Moms deserve time to unwind!!
How: Come drink, eat and engage in decorative card making
while meeting other Moms who have children with Special Needs
Cost: $10/person
RSVP: 215-545-0320 or

Visit Grow Thru Play, LLC at
Contact Us at (215)-545-0320
Our Location is:
1636 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

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