Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monster Trucks are Rocking and Rolling at the Linc!

Monster Truck Jam at The Linc in Phlly is underway
Thanks to the great ticket giveaway from CKPcreative and their clients Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, bloggers and families won tickets to Monster Truck Jam in Philly and they are enjoying a night Jammin'! More to follow!
Monsters lined up and ready to roll!
Wow look at those huge tires! Those are some huge trucks! Now I know just why they are called Monster Trucks--they are way bigger in person than on TV!
Glad I'm not driving those trucks! Talk about crash and burn!
Getting ready to take them on!
Hold Toledo! That's high!
Wow am I glad I don't have to clean up after this!


  1. Thank you Craig for offering our readers the opportunity to take their family to see this great show! And thanks to your client as well.

  2. Thank you!! What an amazing night, one that we will never forget.