Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Job Hunting Help

JOBTips is a new web site to help the intellectually disabled with their search for job.  The site not only provides job tips but also gives job searchers with the tools they need to identify employment opportunities that match their abilities.  It provides the job hunter and their teachers, parents or staff assistance on planning the individual's job hunt.  It offers tips on social skills needed when job hunting, transportation and legal rights. 

JOBTips is useful to the individual job hunter but can also be part of transition planning for high schools and vocational schools. This site also gives job hunters tips on how to keep a job once they get it, a critical part of transition planning.

Prior to massive budget cuts by the state and federal governments job hunting assistance was available through a variety of sources.  Unfortunately, these budget cuts mean the organizations who used to provide some job services for the disabled no longer have the same amount of funds to provide assistance at the level it is needed.  Hopefully sites like JOBTips will help close the gaps.  Meanwhile contact your local congresspersons and senators about the need for these services and what the loss of them has meant to you or your son or daughter.  Remember, the squeaky wheel... if you aren't telling them what you need you aren't going to get it!

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